What is Synchronicity [and why you should care]

Are you like me a few years ago thinking: What is Synchronicity anyway??? Well, you know those times that you’re thinking of a friend, and then she calls? Or, you overhear a conversation about a topic, and then you see a news headline about the same subject? Or, like me these last few weeks: the […]

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Are you like me a few years ago thinking: What is Synchronicity anyway??? Well, you know those times that you’re thinking of a friend, and then she calls? Or, you overhear a conversation about a topic, and then you see a news headline about the same subject? Or, like me these last few weeks: the same theme keeps recurring in random people’s social media posts, in courses I’m enrolled in, and random texts from friends? Yeah, those moments. Some call them coincidences; others call them whispers from God/the Universe. They are referring to the same thing: the law of synchronicity.

Kate Bowser Synchronicity

What is Synchronicity: A definition

Synchronicity is defined as “events that are ‘meaningful coincidences’ if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.” The key here is the word meaningful.

Why Synchronicity Matters

First, you asked, “What is Synchronicity?” Now, let’s discuss why we should care. When these meaningful events happen, they’re happening for a reason. The Universe (or God, if you prefer that word) is telling you: “Yes! You’re heading in the right direction. Pay attention to this.” When you notice synchronicities in your life and then implement the messages you’ve been given, that’s when you get into the flow of the Universe and amazing things will start to happen. Have you ever been in a place in your life where everything seems to fall into place? Chances are, the Universe led you there. You maybe didn’t notice the signs (because: distractions!), but just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That’s not to say it’s not worth paying attention to these synchronicities. Here are other reasons why you should be open to noticing these when they happen.

They are signs pointing you to the next right thing

If you’re ever in a place where you feel “stuck” or don’t know what your next move should be, looking for synchronicities is a great place to start.

Get into the flow of the Universe

When you follow the signs and synchronicities, your life feels more effortless. The Universe will be supporting your every move.

Receive the answers you’re looking for (even when you didn’t know you were asking for anything)

Our subconscious is often screaming out us to make changes, and we’re not even aware of it. When you can tune into the synchronicities around you, you may find answers that you didn’t realize you needed.

How to be in tune with synchronicities

Okay. We got through “what is synchronicity and why you should care.” Last, we’ll get into the “how” of it all. In no particular order, these activities will get in tune with the Universe, making it easier to see signs and synchronicities.


Meditation is a simple and incredibly effective way to eliminate distractions from your life, tune into the present moment, and flow with the energy of the Universe. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. The simpler you keep your practice, the more like you are to do it. The biggest hurdle for most people is finding the time, but I assure you, you have the time. Start with 3 minutes. Not sure how to meditate? Follow these steps:

  • Find a time and quiet space where you can sit uninterrupted. 
  • Close your eyes and quiet your mind.
  • Breathe slowly, deep into your belly.
  • If it helps, try envisioning a candle flame burning steadily. If it flickers, try to calm it down.
  • When a thought creeps in (because it probably will), notice it – without judgment – and release it.
  • Continue breathing

Ask for a sign

The Universe WANTS you to get what you desire. It uses signs and synchronicities to let you know you’re on the right path. You can ask the Universe for a specific sign that you feel called to, or you can ask for the Universe to give you a sign. The first thought that pops into your head will be it. It may be a color, a number, or a symbol. 

Be open to what the Universe puts in your path

It’s one thing to ask for a sign, but it’s another to actually receive those signs and use the information given to you. A friend once described the Universe trying to get our attention as, “First, it will be a whisper in your ear, then a feather on your shoulder, and finally a brick to the face.” If you keep coming up against the same roadblocks, then clearly there is a lesson to be learned there. Similarly, if you have a synchronicity occur and you’re open and wise enough to see it, take action! Amazing things are on the other side.

I hope this inspires you to tune in more to the energy of the Universe, watching for synchronicities all around you, and find the guidance for which you’re looking. 

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  1. Staci Tyrrell says:

    LOVE this!! I wish I had listened before even after the brick in my face! ??‍♀️

  2. Linda Ervin says:

    My synchronicity moment(s): deciding I want to seriously practice meditation, mentioning this to a couple friends & now this blog! Seems I am on the right track & my thoughts/desires/prayers are all being answered. Now it is up to me~do it!
    Thanks, Kate…

  3. Kelliann Bazemore says:

    I love this!

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