Facial Mapping: What is it & how can it help?

If you’re not using facial mapping to help determine where your blemishes and skin irritations are coming from, you’re missing out on a goldmine of information your body is giving you. Not sure what facial mapping is? Or you’ve heard of it in passing, but you’re still unclear? Read on for everything you need to […]

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Blemishes and skin irritations in these areas are trying to tell you something. Photo courtesy of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

If you’re not using facial mapping to help determine where your blemishes and skin irritations are coming from, you’re missing out on a goldmine of information your body is giving you. Not sure what facial mapping is? Or you’ve heard of it in passing, but you’re still unclear? Read on for everything you need to know.

What is Facial Mapping?

Facial mapping is a technique often used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is considered a mirror of your health. Similar to reflexology, where different zones of your feet correspond to other organ systems and body parts, you also have various zones on your face that will become irritated when there is an imbalance in that system of the body. Multiple factors may cause these imbalances, including nutrition choices, hormones, genetics, or environmental factors. Consider investigating the root cause of your skin irritations instead of just treating the problem at the surface. Ready to learn how to implement facial mapping into your health and beauty routine? Let’s explore the zones of your face and what they’re telling us.


The forehead is a window to the liver and gallbladder. Excessive fat consumption and/or too much alcohol may cause breakouts here.

Minimize rich foods and stay hydrated with filtered water and herbal teas. Use herbs such as milk thistle and burdock root to support a healthy liver and gallbladder.

Between the eyebrows

Blemishes in this area often indicate an issue with poor digestion and toxic buildup. The “third eye,” located between the eyebrows, is connected to your stomach and liver. 

If you experience recurring blemishes or skin irritations in this area, consider an elimination diet to rule out any allergies or intolerances. It often helps to reduce caffeine, alcohol, and/or sugar. You may also consider exploring whether gluten or dairy are triggers for you. 

Temples and brow line

The temples and brow line correlate to the kidneys. Issues here could indicate overworked kidneys or dehydration. You may also be experiencing low back pain if this is a trouble area for you. 

Increase your water intake and superfoods such as kale, spinach, berries, and algae.

Under the eyes

The skin under your eyes is a window into the condition of your stomach, kidneys, and liver.

To improve puffiness and dark circles, reduce or eliminate alcohol, caffeine, and/or sugar. Also, increase water intake and get plenty of sleep (which is also improved by reducing alcohol, caffeine, and sugar!).

Lower Cheeks and Nose

Your liver and stomach control the lower cheeks and nose area. Wrinkles and breakouts in this region can be caused by food intolerances and toxic buildup. 

Clean up your diet and considering cleaning with celery juice and green smoothies. Experiment to see if there are foods that you don’t tolerate or do better with a different eating style.

Mouth region

The mouth region is also very connected to the stomach. 

Consider food sensitivities (especially to gluten or dairy) and toxic buildup. Gentle detoxes and an elimination diet will help. Also, consider adding more green veggies and fiber to your meals.

It was chronic dry patches in this area (and between my eyebrows) that led me to try an elimination diet this past summer. I eliminated gluten and drastically reduced my intake of dairy. Within weeks the dry patches started to clear, and six months later, I no longer suffer from any!


The jawline is another area very near and dear to my heart. This area represents hormonal stress and imbalances, and I suffered for YEARS. Within weeks of starting with these plant powder capsules, my monthly breakouts stopped, and I haven’t had one since (I suffered almost monthly for eight {yes, 8!} years). Blemishes at the jawline may also indicate an imbalance in your colon.

Overall, a diet rich in lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole-kernel grains, and healthy fats will improve both ovary and colon health. Keep stress levels under control and prioritize sleep.

In Summary

I hope this guide to facial mapping helps you determine why you may be experiencing recurrent skin issues. If this concept is new to you, I also hope it prompts you to stop treating the symptoms and instead look for the root cause. 

To learn more about how the plant powders mentioned above changed other aspects of my family’s and my health, head here.

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  1. Linda Ervin says:

    This was so interesting & educational for me. I love learning new things about my body/health even at my age of 72 years old. I feel I am never too old to learn, change & grow.
    Thanks, Kate…

    • Kate Bowser says:

      Isn’t it fascinating??? When I stopped birth control to get pregnant I noticed breakouts on my chin and around my mouth that only subsided after supplementing with the plant powders.

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