I help women feel amazing again by helping them figure out:

how I got here:

Hi! I'm Kate.

Educator & Health Coach.
Working mom.
your biggest cheerleader.

1. What to eat and—more importantly—when to eat (which to be honest, can make or break everything)

2. How to detox modern lifestyle chemicals out of their bodies without giving up everything they love, and 

3. An individualized plan to make the most sense for their health


Baby steps to long-term change, spreadsheets/data, and above all else: BALANCE. Oh, and science.


Yo-yo diets, gossip, and negative self-talk.


Helping others become the best versions of themselves, creating online programs for my community, making dinner, or hanging with my fam.

daily rituals

Some sort of physical movement, tons of water, positive affirmations (with my girls!), and connecting with my hubs.

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I am a molecular biology scientist by trade who transitioned to become a hairstylist (I’m a beauty junkie at heart!) and found major culture shock in salon life.

Plus poisoning my body on so many fronts. No wonder I had exhaustion, chronic congestion, gut issues, and weight gain. Scarily, I worried I wouldn’t be able to maintain this lifestyle or career that I loved.

I wasn’t willing to continue to sacrifice my health when I knew there were simple changes I could make, so I took my health back into my own hands. I started to “green” up my lifestyle and food choices, & help my body with its natural detox pathways - instead of allowing excess chemicals in my environment, my beauty products, and food into my body and physical space.

Crazy schedules that didn’t match up with the typical 9-5, not enough time to sit and eat nourishing food every day.

A lifestyle that normalized smoking, drinking, and partying.

Having sore feet and shoulders, and gaining weight was starting to take a toll.

Did someone say free recipes?

Don't let the thought that you "don't know what to make" get in the way of your health again. Grab these free meal ideas that the entire family will love (but will also support your health) for free today!

Free e-cookbook

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Ways to Work Together

Learn how to detox the nasty chemicals out of your body, salon, and life without giving up the products you need to perform.


Two options of personal, one-on-one coaching from yours truly. Together we will work on YOUR goals.

health coaching

A perfect jumpstart to better health. Add these products on to any other service or simply start here!

One Simple Change





Ozark (woah!)

Seltzer & lime or herbal tea

Fast Like a Girl

Any kind of rice bowl



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My Favorite Things

Traveling — I love exploring new cities with my husband, hiking with the family, and taking my girls to the beach.

my happy place!

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More accessories! Only this time, they're for my home offiice.

Accessorizing. I'm that girl with 47 scarves  and a closet of full of bags. Hey, we all have our passions in life. 

My Favorite Things

Rose. Prosecco. Pinot. If it's a dry wine, I'm there for it.

my guilty pleasure

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A good, at-home (or around town) workout. All I need is a podcast and a bottle of water and I am set.

Tea! Green tea in thee morning, herbal tea in the afternoon, kombucha any time of day. Antioxidants I can drink? I'm all about it.

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La Marca




night owl

no topsheet




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

“Ready to learn what you need to know to transform? Look no further. You can rest assured that Kate always delivers powerful insight and info backed by science with a roadmap that will blow your mind. She's both a confident and compassionate leader that all of us can't help but want to be near.”



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